Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our next workshop on the farm - Sunday 20th.

Landscape Painting Workshop

 @ Bosavern Community Farm
Sunday 20th August 2017
 11.30am – 4.30pm
  £5.00 includes lunch
Bring your own materials

Contact Sonja 01736 785 773 to book place

Monday, August 14, 2017

Flora and Chrys

Flora, from France, and Chrys, from Bristol, both wwoofed on the farm for several weeks this summer, and have just gone their seperate ways. Many thanks to both of them for their recent help, and good luck for the future.
Flora picking green ring-of-fire chillies in one of our polytunnels.

Chrys hoeing along the lines of leeks in the market garden.

Veg boxes 11th August

Last Friday's veg boxes contained (all grown on the community farm):-
£6 veg box = Maris Peer new potatoes, tomatoes, red Russian kale, rainbow chard, courgettes, and peppers.
£10 veg box = all of the above, plus mixed herbs, French breakfast radishes, cape gooseberries, and aubergines.
Please phone us at the farm to arrange delivery of your box - 788454.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Veg boxes 4th August

Small veg box £6 - tomatoes, aubergine(s), cucumber, new potatoes, broad beans, basil.

Standard veg box £10 - tomatillos, new potatoes, kale, chard, shallots, courgette(s), cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, globe artichoke.

Planting leeks

All of our leek transplants have now been dug out of the polytunnel and planted in the market garden, though we do have some spares sown into big boxes which we are also hoping to plant out in the next week. Like last year (our most successful leeks to date) we have sown and transplanted several varieties in order of their season of harvest.
Our main leek patch, being covered in mesh to try and stop rabbits from grazing and digging them up.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Planting brassicas and courgettes

Last week we planted our winter brassicas (on time) and our second batch of courgettes (a bit late).
18 lines, each 75m long, handplanted and covered in mesh, in our newly prepared field. Many thanks to Andy and our team of wwoofers for 2 days well spent.

Our to-be-courgette patch still full of overgrown salad, overgrown chard, selfsown comfrey, and overlooked garlic.

100 courgette plants hardened off and ready for the soil.

Ian getting stuck in clearing the patch (also thanks to Ben and Kate for their help).

The courgettes all in the ground, planted through weed-suppressing membrane (thanks to Andy and Rachel for their help).

Courgettes from our earlier patch already for sale in the shop.

Rachel and Pinar

Rachel (from France) and Pinar (from Turkey, on her second visit) both left the farm over the weekend having wwoofed with us for 4 and 6 weeks respectively. Many thanks to both of them for all their help and hard work.
Rachel in the packing shed bagging up broad beans for veg boxes.

Pinar picking tomatoes in Imogen polytunnel.