Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Alejandro and Maggie

Alejandro from Spain, who wwoofed with us for one month, and Maggie from Germany, who spent ten days with us on her second visit to the farm (last time being August 2016), both left last Tuesday for their next wwoof destinations. Many thanks to both of them for their help, especially during the "Beast from the East".
Alejandro feeding chickens during one of the blizzards.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today's harvesting

We took the decision yesterday morning to postpone our veg boxes by one day, so harvesting on Friday and delivering on Saturday (tomorrow). Our van was stuck at the top of the hill outside the farm, along with about 30 other vehicles, after Wednesday's sudden and heavy blizzard caught us and many other people by surprise. This would have made collecting veg from Cargease Organics in Cockwells very tricky, and our delivery route dangerous/impossible.

Many thanks to the kind delivery driver who towed our van back onto the road at midday yesterday, allowing us to get it back to the farm. We managed to pick up our veg order this morning after a night of thawing and rain.

Carrying a trug full of Chinese leaves back from the polytunnels - these go under the heading of "Oriental greens" in our veg boxes, and are great in a stir-fy, green soup, saag aloo etc...

Maggie picking lettuces in Imogen polytunnel.

Mathis stocking the shop.

Alejandro collecting eggs up at the chicken sheds (they came outside for most of the day, but we shut them in again when a new snoe flurry came down mid-afternoon).

Our shop was open as normal from 11am till 6pm (except for fresh bread from Vivky's, which hasn't made it through to us since Wednesday morning).
Both Pendeen and St. Just markets are cancelled tomorrow morning. We are expecting deliveries of both bread and milk in the morning at the farm, so we'll be fully stocked and open as normal. Chris, our volunteer delivery driver, will be heading out from the farm in the morning to deliver the veg boxes - one day late but hopefully worth waiting for!

Many thanks to Andy, James, Shelley, Mathis, Mateo, Maggie, and Alejandro for helping on the farm over the past few difficult and freezing days.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Today's blizzard

We didn't believe the weather forecast today, not after 4 or 5 years with no snow and hardly even a frost. The ground was frozen too hard this morning to dig out potatoes, so we harvested greens from the polytunnels instead (where our French beans, rocoto chillies, and basil have all been killed by this weeks cold), and the first few snowflakes began to flutter down around 11am.
Market garden - that could be the end of our chard this winter.

Thick snow in the farmyard.

Heading off to feed the chickens mid-morning.

Powder snow billowing into the packing shed.

Shutting the chickens in their sheds, having gathered them in from around the field, and wheelbarrowing fresh water across from the kitchen sink.
Blizzard starting in the farmyard.

Snow billowing into one of the chicken sheds.

Gaspard, Mika and Victor

Gaspard (from Paris, France), Mika (from Hokkaido, Japan), and Victor (from Normandy, France), have all left the community farm this week after their two-week stays volunteering with us. We'd like to thank them all for their hard work, and for their help in keeping things going whilst Andy had a well deserved break.
Gaspard and Mika planting French beans on Saturday (all of which were killed by the frost on Monday).

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Veg box hubs

As well as being able to collect your veg box from the farm itself, or having it delivered to your door for a £1 delivery charge, you can collect from one of our three hubs around Penwith:-
The North Inn in Pendeen - http://www.thenorthinnpendeen.co.uk (we have usually delivered there by 1pm on Fridays);
CafeArt in St Ives - www.facebook.com/cafeart.stives (we have usually delivered there by 2pm on Fridays);
and the Redwing Gallery in Penzance -www.redwinggallery.co.uk (we have usually delivered there by 3pm Fridays).
To order a box from any of these hubs please contact us at the farm on vegbox.bcf@bcents.org or 788454 and we can organise that for you.


This season the worst winter weather has come in February, bringing hail, sleet, snow, gales, and plenty of rain, but no negative temperatures and no frost.
We haven't felt able to open both doors to our packing shed and shop yet this month.

Hail in drifts across the black plastic mulch on the market garden, where we are killing off weeds prior to creating permanent beds.

Outdoor brassica salads and parsley just about surviving.

We'd not have much to harvest at the moment if it weren't for our polytunnels.


We have had another David to wwoof with is, this time from Segovia in Spain. David volunteered with us for 2 weeks before heading off to his next wwoof adventure on the Lizard Peninsula. Muchas gracias a David para ayudanos!
David sowing some of our 3250 onions in the propagation tunnel (Bedfordshire Champions in this instance).