Friday, November 25, 2016

Bee education shed arrives

Yesterday morning the eagerly awaited bee ed shed arrived and was constructed in our developing bee sanctuary, where it will form the centrepiece and act as a classroom, display hive, and pollinator education area.
Andy and Ian laying the foundations ready for the new shed

The shed under construction.

The new shed completed.

A group of farm volunteers welcoming the new bee ed shed.

Veg boxes 25th November

Today's standard veg box (£10 to collect or £11 delivered to your door) - potatoes, kale, oriental stir-fry greens, pumpkin portion, celery, leeks, onions, beetroot, carrots, and peppers.

Today's small veg box (£6 collected or £7 delivered to your door) - pumpkin portion, potatoes, kale, leeks, peppers, and beetroot.
Also available in your box are Vicky's organic bread, Treen organic full-cream milk, and our own free-range eggs. Email us to start receiving yours on

Advent Fair

Our Advent Fair will be held on the farm from 12 till 2pm on Sunday 4th December, with a range of festive activities, and we are hopipng that some musicians from Pendeen Silver Band will be able to come and play carols around the campfire for us all! Please come and join in the communal celebration, and enjoy a bowl of hot soup and a mince pie with friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas hamper

Last year's hamper.
We are now taking orders for this years Christmas hamper. Each hamper contains a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables, free-range eggs, black bee honey, fresh herbs (all of these are from the community farm), plus a range of quality local goodies. They will be available for collection from the farm on Friday 23rd December, or we can deliver that afternoon as far afield as Penzance for only £1 delivery charge. Our hampers make ideal Christmas gifts, or will provide most of your needs for the festive period, and cost £50. Please contact us on 788454 to order yours.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Bosavern Magic"

Burning the embers of a distant pasture,
banging the drums of our destinies to come,
feeling the best of what's here and thereafter,
my unknown future has finally begun.

Crows singing their songs of wisdom,
mountain grasslands and flightless dreams,
yellow fields of harvest in the distance,
trees that talk and emotions of peace.

Stone-fuelled wonders with warmth from the cold air,
pushing the wind through the smallest of leaves,
derelict mines and stories of folklore,
organic smiles and broken chimneys.

Watching the sunset blinding my eyesight,
listening to the birds chorus with ease,
cloud formations gather on the skyline,
as my captured energy is released.

Andy Simpson, November 2016.

Andy is currently volunteering on the farm as a wwoofer, and wrote this poem whilst sitting outside the cob roundhouse.

Veg boxes 18th November

This weekend's £6 veg box contained 400g of leek(s), 500g of carrot(s), a bag of salad leaves, 200g of kale, a pumpkin portion, and a kilo of Sarpo mira potatoes. The veg box shown above also contains a litre of organic Treen full fat milk (£1.20), an organic large sourdough loaf (£3.10), and half a dozen free range eggs (£1.50). Delivery to your door is £1 extra.
The £10 veg box also contained a purple pak choi (or 200g of Swiss chard), 400g of baby parsnips, and 200g or oriental stir-fry greens.


The community and its farm would like to thank Tristan, from France, for volunteering with us for ten days, and we wish him happy wwoofing on his next farms.