Monday, June 5, 2017

Veg boxes 2nd June 2017

Pictured above is a standard veg box at £10, containing potatoes, chard, mixed herbs, spring greens, cauliflower, mixed salad leaves, courgettes, and rhubarb.
The small box, at £6, contained potatoes, chard, courgettes, cauliflower, and mixed salad leaves.

Monday, May 29, 2017

First tomatoes of 2017

On Saturday 27th May we picked our first tomatoes of 2017, the earliest we've ever managed, due to a mixture of experience and good weather. 135g of Sungold, not enough to sell in the shop, but they were very tasty! We hope to have plenty more soon...
Imogen Polytunnel full of tomato vines.

The first few Sungold of 2017.

Green tomatoes on the vine.


Lena, from Germany, left the farm yesterday after three weeks with us, and we'd also like to thank her for her help.
Lena planting onions, with Martin, Andy and Rob spreading compost in the background.

Yizu, Rafa, and Rob

Back row from the left - Stijn, Lena, Rob, Hugh, Rafa. Middle - Dylan. Front row from the left - Tasha, Luise, Yizu.
We'd like to thank three of our wonderful wwoof volunteers who came to the ends of their stays over the past few days, all of whom are in the above photo taken by Rafa. Yizu, from Taiwan, after her first visit; Rafa, from Tenerife, after his second visit; and Rob, from England, after his third visit.

Veg boxes 26th May

Friday's veg boxes contained:-
Small box - potatoes, rainbow chard, mixed salad leaves, organic courgettes from Crowlas, and organic spring greens from Cargease. Price £6, or £7 delivered to your door.
Standard box - potatoes, rainbow chard, mixed salad leaves, purple kohl rabi, strawberries, rhubarb, mixed herbs, organic courgettes from Crowlas, and organic spring greens from Cargease. Price £10, or £11 delivered to your door.
Boxes can also be collected from Bosavern Community Farm (St. Just), North Inn (Pendeen), and CafeArt (St. Ives).
Vicky's organic bread (Helston), and organic Guernsey milk (Treen) can also be included in your box.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bee garden update

Our bee-friendly-garden and bee-education-shed, developed in conjunction with Grow Wild and Kew Gardens, have recently come on in leaps and bounds. Most importantly, the observation hive inside the shed has been populated with Cornish black bees, who are now flying in and out of the back of the shed foraging for nectar across the farm and surrounding area.
Inside the bee education shed.

Cowslip blooming in the bee garden.

Planting the tiered herb hexagon.

The shed's living roof planted with a range of wildflowers.

Lena, Bodhi, Joan and Ben working in the bee garden.
Teesh and Martin laying substrate for the liviung roof.

Willow and Ian planting the rockery.

The bee-dipping pond.


Roman, from Switzerland, has camped and wwoofed at the farm for the past two weeks, but left yesterday to continue his journey around Penwith. Roman can be seen in the photos of onion planting a few days ago. Thank you Roman for your help and enthusiasm!